The characteristics of Ostend-Bruges International Airport are everything that business and general aviation requires. EBOS is 100% IFR and operationally open 24 hours 7 days a week. The infrastructure includes ILS approach, a runway of 3.200 by 45 meters, fire category 9, upgradable to 10.


Ostend-Bruges International Airport is a smart choice to fly into compared to other airports in Belgium. The road connections enable direct access to the traffic jam free highway. Within direct proximity of the airport lies Knokke - the well-known upscale coastal destination and Bruges - the touristic and shopping hotspot of Belgium. 

EBOS is also an ideal location for overnight parking for operators flying into London, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels that are facing congestion or expensive parking fees. NSAC provides hangarage & crew snooze rooms, and can also provide connecting flights with helicopter or airplane. 

For all operational related enquiries please visit the AIP and website of EBOS.


Runway - 3,2kms runway length and 45mtrs width - ILS approach


Fire Category: 9 (Upgrade to 10 possible on request)

Airport working hours: 24/7

Handling w/h: 8:00am / 8:00pm (night hours on request)

Apron surface: CONC / ASPH

Disinfection of facilities

4800 square meters of indoor heated hangar space - max. height of 7,6mtrs

Maintenance and technicians available

Affordable alternative for short or long term hangarage or parking

Dedicated General Aviation Terminal with VIP lounge and fully equipped crew bedrooms

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