A multifunctional team at your side

Our dedicated NSAC personnel is specialised and trained in passenger handling and working closely together with security staff, airport police and border customs that are also located in the same building.

The new passenger terminal with a surface of 857 m2 including VIP lounges and crew facilities.
 We provide a complete range of service to ensure you travel in a relaxed way with the best comfort.



For both passengers and crew we offer discounted hotel rooms. These hotels were selected to meet the specific needs of our customers and are located in the beautiful cities of Ostend and Bruges.

For crew who need a quick rest or spending a short night stop we offer comfortable in house crew snooze rooms. 



Select your way to reach your destination. Our wide selection of transportation modes ensure that every choice is the right choice.

  • VIP limo service
  • Shuttle service
  • Taxi reservation
  • Rental car
  • Rental bike
Other facilities

Other facilities

Our terminal is equipped with all kinds of modern facilities for both business and private activities. Moreover, our staff is happy to take care of your special requests as every moment at NSAC is your moment.

  • Bar
  • Lounge
  • Meeting room with smart screen
  • Office space
  • Crew briefing area


As we want to ensure a fast and efficient way to travel we provide in house immigration checks at the purpose build offices for customs and immigration.

For immigration checks for aircraft with a MTOW of 2 tons or above NSAC is responsible as we provide handling. Therefore we request a GENDEC ( general declaration) for flights coming from or going to an extra-Schengen country.

For aircraft with a MTOW below 2 tons don't receive handling and although the immigration check happens at NSAC facilities, the airport authorities are responsible for this matter.

At moments workload of the immigration officers can be high due to a shortage of staff. When a shortage occurs the immigration check will be executed at the main passenger terminal. therefor a shuttle service will be foreseen. (MTOW >2T Shuttle NSAC, MTOW<2T shuttle marshaller)

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