NSAC, a member of FBO Experience

NSAC, a member of FBO Experience

NSAC is now a member of the worldwide FBO Experience, which rates the services of FBOs.

North Sea Aviation Center operates the facilities for general, private and business aviation at Ostend-Bruges International Airport in Belgium.

The brand new FBO facility consists out of a 900m2 passenger terminal and almost 5000m2 of hangar space to provide a full range ground handling. Exclusive agreements are available for operators or brokers to meet special requirements NSAC provides opportunities for local aircraft maintenance, medical pilot examinations, and rental office space



North Sea Aviation Center provides ground handling at Ostend-Bruges International Airport for all private and business aircraft.

The ramp handling is operated on a dedicated apron and includes: welcoming and transportation of passengers and crew between aircraft and terminal, luggage loading and unloading, aircraft marshalling, towing and pushback, provision of chocks and safety cones.




NSAC ensures professional service for aircraft up to 45,5 MTOW by using high-quality handling equipment. All necessary equipment is available to offer efficient and safe towing, GPU, exterior and interior cleaning, lavatory and potable water service, fuel arrangement. All services can be offered in indoor hangars for short term or long term hangarage. One hangar has a surface 3.181 m2 and can handle business aircrafts of all sizes. The second hangar has a surface of 1.620 m2 and modernly equipped: floor heating for frost free space, security cameras, direct access by car.



Our dedicated NSAC personnel is specialized and trained in passenger handling and working closely together with security staff, airport police and border customs that are also located in the same building. The new passenger terminal with a surface of 857 m2 including VIP lounges and crew facilities.
 We provide a complete range of service to ensure you travel in a relaxed way with the best comfort.